You Can Come Back Home​-​-​EP

by Quinn Erwin

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Produced by Jeremy McCoy and Quinn Erwin.

All songs written by J. Quinn Erwin
Watermain Publishing



released May 25, 2010



all rights reserved


Quinn Erwin Knoxville, Tennessee

Here & Now.

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Track Name: You Can Come Back Home
Grab my sleeves
Pull in deep
Take my keys
If you want to
Fake a kiss
Make a fist
Knock me out on the ground
If you want to
Go on break out
Go on leave this town
If you want to
Steal my cash
Use my gas
But I know you’ll figure it out, Honey

When everybody’s left you high and dry
No bottle will collect the tears you cry
When you’re misunderstood and you don’t know why
When you ain’t got a place to call your own
When you’re thumbing the wind
For the unknown
Baby you can always come back home

Boldface lie
Waste your time
Lose your mind
If you want to
Blame that girl
Blame the world
Blame anything else
If you want to
But when it’s all said and done
No place is gonna change who you are right now
So when you come to face the facts
I’ll be waiting on the other side of the tracks




When there’s nowhere to run to but into yourself
When you’re tired of lying like everyone else
When the train tracks end and your wheels won’t spin

::THE STORY BEHIND "You Can Come Back Home"::

"I was listening to a lot of Pete Yorn when I wrote this song (one of my heroes) and thinking about the act of running away. To clarify, I was teaching ninth grade high school English, so I was mostly thinking about what my students were going through and how some of them might want to run away at times. This song is basically digging for the reasons and the messiness of that idea, and this is what I came up with."--Q
Track Name: Come On, Come On
Run away
Fake your feelings
Say what you say
You talk,
You talk yourself into circles
Circumnavigate your heart
Running after what you’re not
Say what you say
But you just don’t mean it
Mean it

Come on, Come on
Don’t you think it’s time we were honest
Come on, Come on
Life is too short to hide what is deep inside us

Say what you say
Skate around the issue
Play the games that you’re so into
But you’re lost inside your head
Fast asleep in your sorrows
Covered in blankets that you borrowed
Faces and names that you just don’t need
You gonna say what you say
You better say what you mean

Oh don’t you run away
No, don’t hide your face
Know I will always stay
Will stay

Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on

::THE STORY BEHIND "Come On, Come On"::

"I wrote this in Murfreesboro, TN the year after I’d graduated college. I’d just moved in with some good friends there from Biloxi, MS and missed Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast by two days. It’s still crazy to think about. In between working at Wal-Mart and going back and forth from Murfreesboro to Biloxi to help out my family, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was doing with my life and going a little crazy too. Because I was away from my family and what I considered “home” at the time, I was forced to face some very heavy questions and realizations about myself. “Come On, Come On” is a reflection of that process of getting more honest with myself. I think if God or my family or my friends could have said anything of value to me at that time, this would have been it."--Q
Track Name: Don't Pass Me By
Say that again
Say it like you mean it
We can’t pretend
That it’s all right
‘Cause we’re all fools
Holding onto nothing
Except these lies
These lives we have created

But don’t
Don’t pass me by

Don’t leave me a liar
I told you from the outset
Don’t jump in
If you don’t even mean it
Cause these lines
Are blurred with every word
But I try
To hold on to what we’ve got


‘Cause I just need to know the truth
Is it me or is it you
I’ve got to see things through
To the end, to the end
‘Cause time and time I’ve tried
To make things all right
But I can’t fix what I can’t see
There’s so much in you and me


::THE STORY BEHIND "Don't Pass Me By"::

"A couple that I was close to were in the middle of getting divorced some years ago. I was talking to one half of that couple about that experience, and he was explaining to me the ways in which he was still trying to fight to keep them together. That really struck me hard. I also needed to grieve over their parting, and this song was part of my process."--Q
Track Name: I'll Be Here, Love
I'll be here, Love
When you call
I'll be here, Love
When you call
Searching for me
Searching for me
I am sure
I am sure

I'll be here, Love
When you come
I'll be here, Love
When you come
Looking for me
Looking for me
I swear
I swear

::THE STORY BEHIND "I'll Be Here, Love"::

"This is a very simple song with a very simple message."--Q
Track Name: Love Ain't a Distance
The strain, the stain
On my face
I can’t take this, navigate this
The boundaries are drawn, but it all feels wrong
And I won’t stop, dear, until I reach you

If land was a piece of paper
I’d match the dots and lines
I’d fold the map in half
Till we’re standing side by side
Baby, give me time
And I swear I’ll make things right
‘Cause love ain’t a distance you can measure tonight

Night or day no geography could hold me back
Not the freeways or aerospace in you heart and mind
‘Cause I’ll do what it takes to understand
Just give me a chance


All the miles
All the heartache
No, it won’t stop me
Oh, I coming, love


::THE STORY BEHIND "Love Ain't a Distance"::

"Before I got married to my wife, we spent a lot of time loving each other long distance. It was such a hard road, but we made it. There were times I wish I had the power to fold the map or the land that kept us apart, so we could be together. Luckily, we don't have to worry about that too much anymore."--Q